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Summer Tennis Camp 2018 Flyer

Summer Tennis Camp 2018 Flyer (3)

Energise Club Letter Summer2017/18

TFK postcard 2018

Annual Questionnaire 2018

Royal Wedding Celebration Lunch Reply Slip

Big Stanbridge Sleepover Yrs 3 & 4

No 12 Changes to Before and After School Club

No 11 academic dates, sports day, sats, parking

Whipsnade Letter summer 2018

After School Club April 18

No 10 parental controls and e safety rules for children

No 9 Forthcoming dates, trips, Cake Sale, parents evening (1)

ASC February 18

No 8 Attendance

No 7 parentpay and dinners

Energise Club Letter Spring

No 6 Parking, Pupil Premium, Holidays and reminders

Amended Menu 11th-19th

Childcare Choices


No 5 Christmas and Photography (1)

PTFA Christmas Hamper Competition poster

No 4 Pre-school Fees (1)

Christmas meal letter 2017

Stanbridge Xmas Menu 2017

Xmas Menu Allergens 2017

Xmas Competition 2017

children in need letter 2017

No 3 social networking

Admission Arrangements

Energise Club Letter

coffee and cake morning

No 2 Harvest reminder, parent consultations etc

Hazard Alley letter Nov 2017

Yr4 Class Letter 2017-year 3 and 4

Class Letter 17-Reception Class

50′s Day menu lower

new class 2017 Yr 1



Hobbs Autumn Winter Leaflet 2018 Week1  Hobbs Autumn Winter Leaflet 2018 Week2  Hobbs Autumn Winter Leaflet 2018week3

Hobbs Autumn Winter Leaflet 2018a

Miss Waller’s Class Letter Year 2

No 1 dates, parking, website, holidays

ASC Sept 17