Admission Arrangements

Central Bedfordshire organise all school admissions into Stanbridge Lower School.

Prior to the year in which children are due to start school, parents should apply for a place at Stanbridge using the Central Bedfordshire School’s Application for Lower School form. This can be found on line at

4.2  The form should be returned to Central Bedfordshire by the dates specified on the admissions section of the website.

4.3  The LA will allocate places using our Admissions Criteria and contact parents either offering or declining a place.

4.4  Pre-school:  Parents can apply for a place at Pre-school using the Pre-school registration form obtained from the school office or on our website.  The Pre-school Leader or Family Liaison Officer will contact parents offering or declining the place in the term prior to the child starting at the Pre-school.


Admissions Criteria

In the event that the number of places in a particular year group (determined by the Standard Number) is not sufficient to meet the request of all parents, then the following criteria will be applied (in the order shown) to determine how the places will be allocated.

  1. All looked after children
  2. Pupils living in the catchment area
  3. Very exceptional medical grounds
  4. Siblings
  5. Any other children

For further details please read the Admissions Policy in the Policy Section of this website or at:

Stanbridge Lower School 2023-24 Admissions Criteria

Admissions Policy 2021

Determined CBC 2020 policy (all schools)