School Information

School Start and Finish Times

School opens at 8.45 where a member of staff will be on duty to meet and greet the children and their families each morning. Children will then go to their classrooms to complete early morning activities, where the register is taken. The official school day is from 9am –  3.30pm (32.5 Hrs per week) and children can be collected from the playground or go to after school activities.

Meeting/Collecting Children from School

To ensure all children are safe, it is most important that all cars are parked away from the zigzag lines outside the school gate.  Room must also be left for the buses to park.  The road is very busy at home time and we urge all parents to be vigilant and keep their children near them.  Parents are reminded they are responsible for their children and there is no crossing patrol outside school.  Please take great care.

No child is allowed to leave the school building un-escorted.  The person collecting the child must be over the age of 18 and in possession of your password.  Parents should always notify school if they have given permission for another adult to collect their child.

Any child who has not been collected at the end of the school day will be returned to school and sent to after school club.  The school office will contact the parents.

The School Bus

Children with bus passes may use the school bus and are escorted to and from the bus by the bus escorts.  If your child normally travels by bus the school requires notification about any changes in procedure. No child is allowed to leave the school building un-escorted.

Administering Medicines

We only administer prescribed medication on completion of an indemnity form.  The medicine should be given to one of our qualified first aiders and should be clearly marked with the name of the child, the dose and the time to be administered.

Minor Accidents:  There are times when a child has a minor accident at school.  A letter will be sent home advising you of this.  We will contact you immediately if any accident involves a bump to the child’s head.

Health and Medical  Matters

Agencies involved with the health and safety of children work in partnership and association with the school for different reasons.  Parents are informed of their involvement.  These include the Educational Welfare Officer, school nurse, school dentist, police liaison officers etc.  All adults who have regular contact with school have their identify and DBS checked.

It is important we are informed of any medical conditions your child may have, or any medication they need to take on a regular basis at school or at home.  Please make sure this information is recorded on the school medical record.  Please speak to a member of the office staff.  If necessary the School Nurse will train staff in administering to the needs of your child and arrange for a Care Plan to be written.

Money in School and Voluntary Contributions

When money is sent into school it should be in separate labelled envelops with its purpose and owner written clearly on the front.  Please send the correct money.  There are some activities which do require a contribution from parents.  We urge parents to contribute when required but if you have difficulty please discuss this with your class teacher or the Head Teacher who will suggest a solution in confidence.  School activities are an important part of the learning process.  We cannot charge for those which take place during school hours, but we can ask for voluntary contributions based on the cost per child, per event.  We ask for your co-operation in order that this valuable part of the curriculum is protected.

Sun Safety

Children should wear hats with a wide brim and a back collar to protect their face, neck and eyes from the effects of the sun.  Sun glasses are not permitted to be worn to school – unless for a medical reason.  Parents should apply a high factor sun cream at the beginning of each day before children come to school.  Please do not send sun cream into school.  Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day and for this reason they should bring a water bottle to school with water in it, not squash or juice,  and stay in the shade during the hot days of summer.


Year 1 Photography


Special Pupils on Trust, Teams and Stanbridge Star

Stanbridge has SPOT (Special Pupils on Trust).  These children are selected by teachers for being trustworthy and sensible, and are asked to carry out responsibilities in school such as turning off lights, counting team points and setting up for an assembly.  These responsibilities are given to children in Yr 4.

On entry to Stanbridge the children are divided into teams.  Each week the children are able to gain team points for such things as good work, being kind and helpful, being considerate towards others or for being a good citizen of our school, as well as many other kind acts.  This links with our Behaviour Policy.  Each week these achievements are celebrated during Celebration Assembly.  Each year the children work in their teams during Sports Day and are able to earn extra points for their team.  These are all collated at the end of the year and special recognition given for the team’s hard work .

Each week children or adults can nominate another child or adult in the school community who has shown they are good Stanbridge citizens.  This can be because they are a good role model, have show an act of kindness, completed good work, made extra effort, shown good behaviour etc.  They wear a special “Stanbridge Star”badge across the week and their photograph is taken and displayed in school for all to see.

History of Stanbridge Lower School

Our school has been located in Stanbridge since the late 19th century. As you tour our school you will notice both old and new parts to the building.[/intro]

Over the years new extensions and renovations have taken place, but our school still retains its historical feel throughout the building.

We are proud of our school building and try to keep the history of the building alive for future generations of children to enjoy.