Keeping Children Safe including Online Safety

At Stanbridge we believe keeping children safe and teaching children about this is essential. We need to ensure children become knowledgeable users of technology and that they learn how to manage the risks and keep safe when working online and when operating as responsible citizens in the community. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep children safe.

If you are worried that a child may be being abused please report immediately to the following staff in school.

Safeguarding at Stanbridge – Contact via the school office on 01525 210328 or email 

Designated Safeguarding Lead:  Miss Godwin – Head Teacher

Deputy Safeguarding Lead:  Miss Hughes – Senior Teacher

Assistant Safeguarding Lead:  Mrs Davies – Family Liaison Officer

Governor with responsibility for Safeguarding – Mrs V Clarke 

If you think a child you know is being harmed or at risk of being harmed, please contact the Access and Referral Hub on 0300 300 8585, who you can talk to about your concerns, and they will give you advice or may investigate the circumstances. All calls are treated in confidence and you need not give your details.  The Hub can be contacted outside of school hours.

Everyone has a responsibility to protect children from harm.

Some children can be at risk of neglect, emotional harm, including bullying, physical abuse and sexual abuse in any environment and can include close family members as well as strangers.

Radicalisation and Extremism Children, teenagers and adults can be drawn towards the process of radicalisation in a number of ways, many of which may overlap. When we talk about ‘vulnerability’ or ‘susceptibility’ within this context we mean individuals who, because of their circumstance, experiences or state of mind can be lead towards a terrorist ideology.  The website Lets Talk About It explains this by looking at the vulnerabilities that children or adults may experience that could leave them open to radicalisation and extremism.  Please go to for further information.

Advice for Parents – Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Miss Bunn ( ICT and E Safety Subject Leader) has created this useful video for parents about how to keep your child safe when they are working online.


Safer Internet Day 2022 resources, tips and advice for parents on how to keep their child safe online.

Further Information for Parents: How to keep your child safe online

Challenges and hoaxes