Parent Feedback

Comments taken from Report Reply Slips and Annual Questionnaires

“I was thrilled with my child’s progress this year”

“Our child has really enjoyed Pre-School and is excited about starting Reception”

“I am so proud of how hard my child has worked this year, It’s a testament to what the right kind of support can mean to a pupil and what a good school can do for a child. I can’t thank you all enough for the dedication you show my child and his education.”

“My child loves Stanbridge! each and every day he arrives home keen to share his experiences with us.”

“Thank you to everyone for all your hard work over the years, teaching and mentoring my child – you have given him a fantastic start.”

“My child’s confidence has increased hugely since being at Stanbridge and we are grateful for a great year, will be sad to see him leave.”

“We are very proud of our child’s report, unequivocally we made the right choice when we selected Stanbridge Lower School. The Teachers have truly been an inspiration and the way that they have encouraged my child to develop her individuality, while at the same time emphasising self-discipline and respect towards others, has truly been a heartening experience.”

“Our daughter enjoys school and looks forward to everyday.Many thanks for your time, care and effort in making her first school experience such a positive one.”

I am very pleased with my child’s report.  She has done so well in Stanbridge.  It is a wonderful school.  Every member works so well with the kids.  It gives me great peace of mind to know Stanbridge is an inspiration to all.  Thank you all so much”.

“Thank you to all the teachers for helping my child to achieve so much in her time at Stanbridge”.

“I am very impressed”.

“I am so proud of my child’s progress this year.  My child has come on in leaps and bounds.  My child always talks about school and enjoys going every day.  Thanks for being there for her”.

“My child loves school and having read the report she seems to be doing well in all areas.  Stanbridge is the perfect school for her.  We are proud of her progress this year”.

“Very pleased”.

A lovely report.  My child has made great progress this year.  She loves school and we are very pleased with all aspects that have been commented on.  My child is very lucky to have such a wonderful teacher”.

“I cannot thank the teachers enough for their patience and help this year”.

I am glad my child has settled in at Stanbridge.  He is showing improvements in his work and we could not be any more happier with his report”.

“What a lovely report.  My child has enjoyed every moment of Stanbridge and we are really sad that she’s leaving.  She is excited about moving to middle school and we thank you all for preparing her so well.  Thank you to all staff for being so great and approachable”.

“Stanbridge is very good.”

“My child loves coming to school and we feel she has settled in very well.  Thank you for your assistance”.

“My child loves going to school.  She has become very clever and we are very proud parents”.

“Thank you for all your efforts.  We are very grateful and appreciative”.

“My child is very lucky to have such a dedicated, committed teacher who helps him to love every day at school, and he even gets upset when it is a Saturday!  We are grateful for all you do”.

“We are very pleased with my child’s progress”.

“My child’s teacher has helped her tremendously.  What a brilliant teacher to have”.

“I am very pleased with my child’s environment and feel she was learnt a lot.  Thank you”.

“Overall Stanbridge is a fantastic school and all staff are welcoming and friendly.”

“We are kept well informed”.