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  1. Modroc Elephants in Year 4

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    Year 4 have worked hard over the last few weeks to create a model elephant as part of their topic Incredible India. They used newspaper and card to make the base shape for their model, before using Modroc to create a hard outer layer. Then they painted their elephant in bright colours and patterns like the elephants in the festival of Hastimangla, a festival celebrated in Jaipur where the elephants are decorated with bright body paint, jewellery and sparkling cloths.

  2. The Iron Man in Art by year 3

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    This week year 3 have started looking at ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. Before they started reading the book they learned the poem ‘The Coming of The Iron Man’ by Brenda Williams as it is a great summary of what happens in Chapter 1. Following on from this, they looked at the Iron Man’s head and had a go at sketching it. They added shading and colour with oil pastels and the results were fantastic! Well done children.

  3. Year 1 Enjoy a Winter Walk

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    This morning, Year 1 wrapped up warm and enjoyed a frosty winter walk. The children were looking for signs of winter as part of their science topic ‘Seasons’. They came up with some lovely adjectives such as crunchy, slippery, chilly and sparkly to describe the things we spotted. The children took lots of lovely photos and drew pictures on the frosty tables.

  4. Christmas Cake Pops

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    The children in year 2 loved making their chocolate Christmas tree cake pops! They decorated their trees with a candy cane, icing, sprinkles and glitter spray.

  5. Christmas Snowflakes by Year 2

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    The children in year 2 have worked hard to make snowflake decorations. They folded, cut and stuck each part of the snowflake before joining all of it together. 

  6. Let’s go fly a kite!

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    Year 3 have designed and made kites this week. They researched materials and made prototypes so they could practice securing the cross bar and main frame to the kite material. They thought about ways to strengthen the edges of the kite, used the saw to cut the wood for the frame and secured the string to the bridle. Now they are waiting for a windy day to test them.

  7. Christmas Collage

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    The Year 2’s have worked hard to create a Christmas fire place. The children have developed their collage skills of layering, use of different materials, roller printing and painting skills through this activity.

  8. The Animals Hibernate in Pre-school

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    The Pre-school children have been collecting sticks and leaves to make a bed for the animals to hibernate in. We had a tea party with the animals (warm toast with butter and milk) then we all snuggled under a blanket to read a story before we put the animals to bed ready to go to sleep, to hibernate until Spring