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  1. Blossom in Pre-school

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    Last week the Pre-school children learnt about spring trees. They went for a walk to find some blossom on the trees and then made their own using different materials and techniques.

  2. Obstacle Courses in PE

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    Year 3 and 4 have been working in pairs using different equipment to create obstacle courses. They then used their communication skills to help guide the Year 1 children around their courses. Finally, they guided their partner through the course blindfolded. The guides had to give their instructions really clearly, and the children being guided had to listen very carefully!

  3. Year 3 and 4 Charcoal Eyes

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    The children in Year 3 and 4 have been practising their charcoal skills. They practised making marks using different pressures, types of lines, blending and erasing to create highlights. They then used all of these skills to create an eye from charcoal.

  4. Charcoal Eyes

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    The children in year one, practised using charcoal to create light and dark lines. They then explored the technique of smudging, before sketching the shape of an eye. The children put all of these skills together to create their charcoal eye art. Here are the results and they are absolutely amazing!

  5. Using Sliders in DT

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    The children in year one evaluated existing moving images in a range of books. They then went on to test the best material to use, for making a slider. Each child tested two different materials on a Gingerbread Man scene. They will use what they have found to design and create their own countryside landscape with a vehicle for their slider to link to their new topic of “Planes,Trains and automobiles”. 

  6. Finger Knitting in Pre-school

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    This week in Pre-school we made snowmen. We painted some cardboard tubes white, we foraged for twigs outside for the arms, we used our scissor cutting skills to make hats and we learned finger knitting to make scarves for the snowmen! 

  7. Year 3 Design a Cartouche

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    As part of our topic this half term, year 3 have been learning about how the ancient Egyptians invented one of the earliest known writing systems used from around 3000 BC. The symbols they used were called ‘hieroglyphs’, which come from a Greek word meaning ’sacred carving’.
    Using clay, the children designed a replica cartouche with their name on. Next week they will paint and decorate them using some beautiful pearl effect paints. 

  8. Fairyland in Year 2

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    Year 2 have recently written to the fairies and in return the fairies visited our school and built Fairyland in our classroom. The children have loved exploring Fairyland and creating their own fairies and fairy stories.

  9. Fruit Salad in Year 1

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    The children in year one have been working hard this afternoon to learn about their five senses in their science lessons. They then used their senses to try a range of exotic fruits, thinking about what they tasted, smelt, looked and felt like. The children then used the instruction they had written in their English lesson to make a fruit salad. 

  10. Year 4 exploring Templates for DT

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    Year 3 & 4 have been exploring money containers. They investigated some of the materials, joining methods and fastenings used to make money containers, before working together to explore different templates to help them decide how to design their own money containers in the next few weeks.