Further Information About our School

The Woodland Garden

The Woodland Garden was renovated by the PTFA during the school closure period due to COVID 19.  They completely transformed the garden.  The garden was originally designed in the year 2000 to celebrate the millennium year.  It is now used to support the curriculum across the year.  It has a pond, seasonal plants and lots of mini beasts live there.

School Start and Finish Times

School opens at 8.45 where a member of staff will be on duty to meet and greet the children and their families each morning. Children will then go to their classrooms to complete early morning activities, where the register is taken.  School closes at 3.30pm and children can be collected from the playground or go to after school activities.

Special Pupils on Trust, Teams and Stanbridge Star

Stanbridge has SPOT (Special Pupils on Trust).  These children are selected by teachers for being trustworthy and sensible, and are asked to carry out responsibilities in school such as turning off lights, counting team points and setting up for an assembly.  These responsibilities are given to children in Yr 4.

On entry to Stanbridge the children are divided into teams.  Each week the children are able to gain team points for such things as good work, being kind and helpful, being considerate towards others or for being a good citizen of our school, as well as many other kind acts.  This links with our Behaviour Policy.  Each week these achievements are celebrated during Celebration Assembly.  Each year the children work in their teams during Sports Day and are able to earn extra points for their team.  These are all collated at the end of the year and special recognition given for the team’s hard work .

Each week children or adults can nominate another child or adult in the school community who has shown they are good Stanbridge citizens.  This can be because they are a good role model, have show an act of kindness, completed good work, made extra effort, shown good behaviour etc.  They wear a special “Stanbridge Star”badge across the week and their photograph is taken and displayed in school for all to see.

Extra Curricular Activities

Many clubs and activities are run at school.  At times during the year clubs may include sewing and craft, football, golf, netball, multi skills, art, cooking, chess, recorder, instrumental lessons etc.  Please see Before and After School Club in the Parent’s section of this website.

New Starter Form