A River Runs Through

Children enjoyed a theatre production of dance, telling the story “A River Runs Through”, all of the children enjoyed the play and were able to ask the dancers questions at the end about themselves and the story just performed. They then did a small dance workshop where they showed the children some dance moves.   780F328A-A35B-478F-835F-4B51F061A78D 51EEE344-1F71-487C-A255-94A8E3E97148 09E210D0-B504-45BE-A0AA-591CA803B50C 8ACC7372-1647-4FA5-B98C-2F1D6653ABCE 3CEFF84B-EC7F-4913-BAE4-A43A2DE6736B 2DEB4EB2-9502-496C-BAD7-301F909C685F