Pegasus Award

In keeping with our on-going drive to provide our pupils with opportunities to progress in an enjoyable and rewarding learning environment, we are delighted to announce that we have become affiliated to The Pegasus Award. This award programme is similar to the well-known Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme which is available from the age 14. Pegasus can be started in primary school and can be continued in secondary school and is based on the reward of effort and relative progression. The award has a number of levels – each one lasting approximately a term. All levels cover 4 themes: Healthy Living: Skills for Life: Helping Others and Exploring the Environment and these are summarised at the end of this letter. At the end of each level, pupils receive a certificate and an enamel badge which
they can wear on their school uniform. We regard this as a wonderful opportunity to encourage our children to be the best that they can be and hope that your child will be prepared to rise to the challenge of the award. There is no charge for participation. The award has been running successfully in schools and other settings around the country and Duncan Smith who leads the award has come into school to run a staff training session. He is visiting again on Friday 9th November to launch the award to the children. Schools that have successfully run the programme have reported that the children
enjoy working towards each of the four themes and the children find the award very motivating and enjoyable. The scheme will be run in school and be led by Miss Godwin, who will help the children to set targets that are achievable for them. There might be some instances where the children need to work on their target at home and the children should be able to communicate this to you. Each child will be given a folder where all their achievements can be recorded across the year. We are all very excited about running the award in school and look forward to working with the children to help them complete their objectives.If you are interested in finding out anything further about the award please go to