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  1. Starfish

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    The children in Pre-school have been learning about creatures in rock pools and they have been making their own starfish. They used their cutting skills to cut out a star shape and glued on cereal shapes and sand to make them look more authentic.

  2. First Aid with Mr Hibbert

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    Year 4 had a very exciting morning yesterday when they were visited by Mr Hibbert and his ambulance. The children learnt all about when they should call an ambulance, the different categories of 999 call, and what happens if they ring 999. They then learnt about what to do if someone is choking, before they went outside up to the ambulance, where they learnt all about DRS ABC, practiced their CPR and bandaging skills and saw how paramedics monitor a patient’s heart using an ECG machine. Finally the children role played an emergency scenario, where they practised what to do before the ambulance arrived, and saw what the paramedics would do to treat a patient.

  3. Seaside Clay Pots in Year 2

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    The children in year two have worked hard to design, make, paint and decorate their seaside mini vases/ pencil pot holders. Within this, the children sculpted clay, scraped in their designs, mixed colours and painted their final designs. 

  4. Angles and Shapes in Year 3

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    Year 3 finished off their learning about shapes and angles by constructing 3D shapes from lolly sticks and blu-tack. They have learnt about the properties of 3D shapes, discussing vertices, edges and faces, and used this knowledge to build our own shapes. They investigated why they couldn’t make spheres, cylinders and cones using our straight lolly sticks.

  5. Rainbow Rice Noodle Salad

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    Year 4 had their first cooking lesson this afternoon, making a Rainbow Rice Noodle Salad with sweet chilli sauce. They practised their chopping, grating, sieving and mixing skills, and had to measure out how much chilli sauce to add to their salads. We also talked about good hygiene, and the need to wash our hands, wear an apron and tie long hair back before cooking.

  6. Reception Use a Palm Drill

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    The Reception children had a forest school session where they made medals for their dad’s for Father’s Day. They decorated wooden disks and used a palm drill to make a hole in the centre so it can be worn like a medal.

  7. The Rainforest in Year 3

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    Year 3 have been learning about the Rainforest and The Maya civilisation in Geography and History. They did some beautiful art work and a diary entry on life in the Rainforest.

  8. Forest School in Reception

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    Reception have had some Forest School sessions the last couple of weeks. Here are some photos of them engaging with the natural environment and learning how to use a rubber mallet safely. Our sessions are very child led and children choose how they want to spend their session, they enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen, collecting ‘nature’ in buckets, making homes for dragons and fairies, building using sticks and lots more! The children were really engaged and said they had their most favourite day at school! This week we got to experience forest school in the rain which was different but still good fun! More forest school after half term!