School Uniform

It is expected that children will wear uniform at all times.  In accordance with our school uniform policy parents there is no requirement to wear uniform with a school logo on.  Uniform costs should be inexpensive and affordable.  However if parents do want uniform or a book bag with a school logo on,  this can be purchased from the school office.  Please see school trends size guide at the bottom of this page.

All items of clothing should be named.  No earrings should be worn for PE and it remains the responsibility of parents to remove earrings on PE days.  Staff are not allowed  to remove earrings.


Pinafore dress/skirt in grey

Grey trousers long or short

White/grey socks or winter tights in grey/navy

Sensible shoes or sandals – preferably black (not trainers or boots)

* Navy blue sweatshirt/cardigan – £11.50

*Pale blue polo shirt/cotton shirt – £7.50

Summer dress:blue and white

Plain headbands and tiebacks for hair


Grey trousers long or short

Grey socks

Sensible shoes or sandals – preferably black (not trainers or boots)

*Navy blue sweatshirt – £9.50

Pale blue polo shirt/cotton shirt – £7.50

Physical Education

*White t-shirt – £6.50

*Black shorts – £6.00

An illuminous PE bag with the schools logo is also available for £6.50

Plimsolls – black

Sweatshirts/jogging bottoms or tracksuits for outside PE/cold weather

Trainers for outside PE.


Only stud earrings should be worn and it is the parents responsibility to remove these on PE days.

A child should only wear a watch if they can tell the time. A watch worn to school remains the responsibility of the child and should not be a novelty watch.   Watches should be silent and removed on PE days.

No other jewellery should be worn to school and if religious jewellery is required to be worn – please speak to the Head Teacher.


All long hair should be tied back.

No false nails should be worn to school.

If nail varnish is worn this should be a clear colour.

*Available from the School office, cash or bank transfer available

School Trends Size Guide 2019 (A4)